Giddy with Happiness

What do you do when your idol follows you back, accepts your friend request on social media, and even takes out the time to like a video you made? Well, you take a screen grab, and save these moments for eternity!


The trend of designer flats sprawling the city brings down another house, leaving behind this beautiful abandoned azure-coloured cane chair. The need to turn everything into a concrete jungle is what is creepy. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Souvenirs of Experience

What could possibly be the biggest worry for a 29-year-old? No, I’m not talking about the on-going existential crisis in my life, I am referring to a bigger concern, that of a budding traveller. From picking a destination to managing to find the best deals while booking your flight tickets and hotel, from pampering your palate with the … More Souvenirs of Experience

Auto-happy mode

You know your day is going to be good when your auto rickshaw-wallah is a happy person too. Luckily I found a rickshaw as soon as I got out of my house this morning. The auto-wallah was quite an interesting fellow, after agreeing on taking me to my destination he turned on some music on … More Auto-happy mode